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How can we attract and retain good people to our teams if we can’t give benefits?

As we all know it’s hard attracting and retaining workers without benefits. Especially Industries that are built on sub-contractors, being 1099ers, we can’t really give them healthcare coverage. Moreover, if your businesses are small, even if they were W2 employees, we still wouldn’t qualify for good benefit packages.


I have a massive announcement to all the industries that are built with sub-contractor or are too small to offer good benefits!

Recently I was exposed to a company providing insane healthcare benefits to any type of worker for just $30 a month. I heard about it from a friend who is an insurance broker. They have the same issues of attracting and retaining agents for their teams.

This company has already onboarded 10K Realtors to these programs.
I reviewed their offer, and I was BLOWN AWAY. This is transformational to your industry.

Just a few examples of what they include for $30-$90 per month:
**Priority Primary Care - In-person Primary Care appointments within 24-48 hours, Unlimited visits with a $10 visit fee. Annual physical with four labs: complete Metabolic Panel (CMP), Thyroid, Stimulating Hormone (THS), and Lipid Panel
**Unlimited Urgent Care (I love this) – Unlimited In-person Urgent Care visits for just $25 fee. All-inclusive care (x-rays, MRI, Scans) included at $0 (Insane)
**Chronic Disease Management, Mental Health (unlimited sessions for $0 deductible), absolutely insane. And much more.
I was so impressed I decided to start offering these benefits myself and it’s working amazingly well.


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